Becoming Betty (Macmillan, 2017)

Lizzie Brown’s life is one big to-do list:
1. Start college
2. Become cool
3. Decide wtf to do with her life
So when she meets Viv, the crazy, beautiful lead singer in a band, she thinks she’s on her way to achieving number two on her list. And when Viv asks her to be the bass player in the band, there’s only one problem – Lizzie can’t play a single note. And that she’s nowhere near cool enough (ok, two problems). And that she has a huge crush on the guitarist (ok, three), who happens to be Viv’s boyfriend (ok, this is a terrible idea).
But Viv won’t take no for an answer, and decides that a makeover is the answer to everything. Boring Lizzie Brown is going to become Betty Brown the Bass Player and there’s nothing Lizzie can do about it…

People say…

‘BECOMING BETTY is a brilliant coming of age story about friendships and the way they change… Learn more about feminism and one of the most powerful and important music genres out there: riot grrl’ – Maximum Pop

‘This is exactly the book I wish I’d had when I was 16’ – Cora @ Tea Party Princess

‘One of the best UKYA books of the year so far for me, and Eleanor Wood is one of my autobuy authors given how good both of her first two books have been..’ – Jim @ YAYeahYeah

‘Equal parts hilarious and heartwarming’ – Amy @ Golden Books Girl

‘I loved BECOMING BETTY’ – Rachel @ 100 or Less


My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend (Macmillan, 2015)

Geeky girl meets famous boy . . . what could go wrong?
Tuesday Cooper is happy being normal – doing her A-levels and indulging in her twin obsessions: buying weird vintage clothes in charity shops and writing her beloved music blog (which nobody ever reads). Her love for music started when she was thirteen and had a massive crush on Jackson Griffith, teen rock god and SUPER HOT LOVE OF HER LIFE. Now Tuesday’s eighteen and has moved on to fancying boys in real life and Jackson went off the celebrity radar years ago.
So it can’t be him that’s messaging her on her blog, can it?
From one girl’s computer to the pyramid stage at Glastonbury Festival, this is a love story for anyone who has ever wished that someone would sing a love song just for them.
Dreams can come true . . .

People say…

‘THE perfect read if you’re a festival junkie and Eleanor Wood’s writing is brilliant. Tuesday Cooper’s music blog is the best thing on earth and it will 100% encourage you to start one’ – Maximum Pop

‘It’s the perfect summer book’ – Sara Barnard, author extraordinaire of Beautiful Broken Things and A Quiet Kind of Thunder

‘Fun, funny and I totally related’ – Michelle @ Fluttering Butterflies

‘Huge fun and a huge heart’ – Jim @ YAYeahYeah