My name is Eleanor Wood and I am a writer.

My memoir STAUNCH is available in hardback/paperback/ebook/audio, published by HQ/HarperCollins. It is a funny/sad book about heartbreak, mental health, history and holidays.

I am the author of two YA novels: BECOMING BETTY and MY SECRET ROCKSTAR BOYFRIEND.  They are both about girls, music, messy human relationships and Being a Fan of Stuff. I also wrote one-seventh of the collaborative novel FLOORED (all Macmillan).

I love fanzines and I am the co-creator of the lo-fi 90s-style zine I AM NOT ASHAMED (with my brilliant friend and fellow writer Harriet Reuter Hapgood).

I am a big fan of many things, including but not limited to: ice skating, Leonard Cohen, Istanbul, Emma Forrest, crystals, Japan, Patti Smith, horoscopes, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Nirvana, hula-hooping, Sonic Youth, Tracey Emin, crushes, Where the Wild Things Are, breakfast burritos, Courtney Love, running on the beach, looking French, Grey Gardens, Nina Lacour, peonies, Yoga with Adriene, kitchen discos, New York, Blake Nelson, LA, fancy knickers, avocados, long walks, long baths, Edie Sedgwick, incense, Nora Ephron, The Craft, Marrakech, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Hong Kong, Broad City, Tetris, Gilbert & George, I Capture The Castle, communing with nature, swimming in the sea, Charleston, dresses with pockets, trampolines, eyeliner, David Hockney, Margate, painted floorboards, fairy lights in my tiny garden…

I do not have an appendix.  My spirit animal is a grey horse.  I would like to go to Mexico. I am a very bad driver.  I have seven eight nine eleven? tattoos. I live in Brighton with a tiny dog.